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About Keishindo

Making shrimp crackers for 150 years: continued pursuit of delicious sweets with a spirit of warm welcome

Founded in 1866 (late Edo Period), Keishindo traces its roots to the Ohno Port on modern-day Aichi Prefecture's Chita Peninsula, where shrimp fishing has prospered since long ago. For the 150 years since, Keishindo has carefully chosen only the best ingredients, refined our cooking methods and pursued the highest levels of quality in order to produce tasty sweets that satisfy customers. As a one-of-a-kind company with thoroughgoing knowledge of shrimp, we devote ourselves to the continued creation of delectable shrimp crackers that emphasize the inherent flavors of their various ingredients, and also embody the seasonal changes of Japan and their distinctive characteristics.

Delicious shrimp crackers through a strong focus on freshness, ingredients and production methods

Freshness is the key to a good shrimp cracker, and at Keishindo our popular Ebi Zukushi and Ama-ebi Sugata Tsumeawase products are made using only shrimp from Japan. The northern shrimp (ama-ebi) we use, for example, are caught in the Sea of Japan near Hokkaido and processed at a plant also located in Hokkaido. Tiger prawns / kuruma shrimp (kuruma-ebi) are raised at western Japan shrimp farms and sent live to our processing plant in Aichi Prefecture. Aside from these main ingredients, other ingredients such as salt, sugar, starch and flour are all produced domestically in Japan. At Keishindo processing plants, we keep a close watch on the conditions of the shrimp and constantly make small adjustments to cooking temperatures, cooking times and other factors as necessary. Our proprietary production methods, which incorporate advanced techniques, make it possible to deliver delicious finished products to our customers.

Odori-yaki (Shrimp Grilled Live)

Whole shrimp from Japan are cooked after their innards and digestive tracts have been removed. It has long been considered good luck to serve fish, shrimp and other types of seafood with their heads still attached. This product type has a crispy texture and gives customers a chance to enjoy the flavor of the whole shrimp, from head to tail.

Sugata-yaki (Grilled Whole Shrimp)

In order to cook the shrimp whole, each is shelled by hand, seasoned with a specially made sauce, and grilled on an iron griddle while preserving the original shape of the animal. This grilling style brings out the inherent flavors of the original shrimp.

Aburi-yaki (Shrimp Paste Grilled and Oven-Cooked)

The meat of the shrimp is mixed with flour, starch, sugar, salt and other ingredients, then mashed into a paste, grilled on an iron griddle and dried to complete the cracker batter. After aging, this batter is cooked in an oven to produce crisp-textured crackers.