What is Ebi-senbei?

Ebi-senbei: a delicious shrimp (ebi) flavored Japanese cracker (senbei)

Although these shrimp crackers are categorized as "sweets," people eating them for the first time might be surprised at the taste. The sweetness of the sugar and taste of wheat flour flavor are very subdued, with more emphasis placed on an expansive and rich shrimp flavor accompanied by a pleasantly crisp, crunchy texture.
Since ancient times, Japanese people have caught a wide variety of different shrimp from the surrounding seas, and these have been used in sushi, sashimi and a wide range of other such dishes. Shrimp crackers are said to have started out as a type of non-perishable food, and through the Japanese people's passion for food as well as their sophisticated technologies and techniques, the crackers evolved into a type of confection—the delicious shrimp crackers we have today.

Experience true Japanese flavor with shrimp crackers—the perfect gift or souvenir!

Shrimp crackers come in different flavors and shapes depending
on the type of shrimp used, the cooking style and other such factors.
The history of Japan's culinary culture, the Japanese sense of
beauty and the cook's respect for the blessings of Mother
Nature can be sensed in every bite. Shrimp crackers are
delicious, traditional Japanese sweets with a rich history, and
their long shelf lives serve as an added advantage!
We recommend picking some up as a souvenir or gift.